Running in the rain feels so good!

I knocked out seven miles this morning in my training for my next half marathon, which is on Halloween. It was the first long distance run in a few months, but mentally I was ready. Today also featured the continuation of a big storm that has been setting up shop in North Carolina for the last few days. 

Training for a half marathon is something I have made a habit of for the past three years. I've run in rain, sleet and snow. I run (no matter the weather conditions) for two reasons:

  1. To remain in shape and lose weight.
  2. To improve my mental health by setting a goal and achieving it. 

It was raining, it was cold...and it was beautiful. I ran along the Neuse River on the Greenway Trail and for the most part, I had it all to myself. Each step I knocked off some eight, and gained some improved mental health. Three years of making this habit routine, I love all the positive energy that flows through me as a reward when I reach the end of the trail.  

Running in rain is something I take great pride in. Obstacles become small when your motivation and positive habits kick in.   

Are what are some obstacles that have become small in your life?