3 Steps to Close Out 2015 Donations

In the midst of a capital campaign, the opportunity for year-end gifts and pledges is one that shouldn't be passed up. However, motivation for securing these gifts, when the overall goal still seems an achievement further away, can be lacking. 

Discussing this topic with a colleague earlier today, I propose three quick steps in these days between Christmas and New Years to rally the troops and really push for success. 

Explain the immediate goal. What are you trying to achieve in the next week? Is it an numeric benchmark of either a dollar goal or donor goal? Spell out to your team that you are $40,000 shy of reaching a $1,000,000. Maybe you are five donors away from having 100 donors to the campaign. Establish the case and these requests will feel tangible.

Provide them a sense of urgency. Why now? Because we want to kick-off 2016 telling everyone that we hit $500,000 in pledges for the month of December. Campaigns are about momentum and building upon that momentum. Establishing deadlines shows people that we are not resting on our past success.

Show them how to execute. So you've explained the goal and the need to do it immediately, now you need to show them the path to achievement. Please call these three people. Can you call this person and see where he/she is in deciding? Draw up the game plan and give them roles they can play out easily.  

Don't let this week slip away. Focus and rally your team of volunteer leaders. They agreed to help with the campaign because they believe it's important. Coach them to success and end the year celebrating!