Goodbye Summer of 2015

Today the first official day of Fall and here is a quick reflection of my summer. 

I had really high hopes for the Summer of 2015. I created this space on the internet, my new job took me to a new place, and another summer with trips to the beach and visits with friends and family awaited.

Then July 24th came and the Summer of 2015 lost some of its potential. 

I was on the way to the beach to visit friends and my DC family when I saw a text from my brother that read, "Give me a call when you get the chance." It was the type of communication you get from someone where you know something is wrong. I immediately called. He then told me that my father had died. 

After that it's been a whirlwind that I feel haven't slowed down from. 

It's been surreal to experience the fact that my Dad is no longer here. I have had two trips back to my hometown of Columbus, along with my continual trips back to DC where I settled my apartment with a sub-letter. During all of this my Dad had occupied a lot of my thoughts and emotions. He was simply a good guy and I will miss him forever. 

The Summer of 2015 did manage to score some positive points. I have a great job. I live in a great town. Both of these things will afford me opportunities to better myself as a consultant and as a person. Dad would be proud of that. 

The Fall of 2015 is going to be great. The to-do list includes the priorities of creating better habits, strengthening my relationships with the ones I love, and slimming down the 15 pounds I have added to my frame.

Goodbye Summer of 2015. With all your good and bad moments.