Another project, which means another condensed schedule...

Last week I ran a half marathon and I did it with five weeks of training. I had run five halfs before, so the concept of running 13.1 miles was not a new one. I was limited to five weeks mostly because I pulled my right hamstring pretty badly about two weeks before. 

I'm used to condensed work schedules. So I mapped out a schedule, executed it, and at the end I got a cool medal and new personal record to brag about.

The next project is a bit more daunting I'm afraid. As part of my personal life prayer, which I have affectionately called Project 40, I assigned myself a research paper project and have it completed by a deadline I set myself, which is November 1st. 

This is where I have to chuckle, because as I mentioned in June and have only made worse by this October...I'm woefully behind. As I write this, I am sitting in a coffeehouse, writing about how far behind I am as I sift through my notes, little research I have found and now the newly created timetable. I'm asking myself, "Why am I doing this?!

I have to remind myself, the point of writing this paper is two fold:

  • to learn more about my anger and how it relates o the different areas of exercise I engage in and;
  • to learn about the process of learning something new, like writing a research paper. I can't remember the last time I actually wrote one, but I hope this experience helps me with future personal and professional research and writing experiences. 

Well one thing I have learned is- this was a great idea when I was in Raleigh and November seemed like a long time away. 

I'm not discouraged. I'm used to doing things when the last minute is fast approaching. Completing this project will be a big accomplishment for me, even if the finished project isn't exactly what I envisioned it would end up being. But I'm sure my first half marathon didn't turn out exactly the way I thought it would. And no, I'm not thinking about pushing this project deadline back. If I did that, this would never get done. I do have some wiggle room when it comes to the editing process, but that's about it. 

Overall all of these projects are to encourage me to enjoy the process. Enjoy the process of training. Enjoy the process of researching, of writing. I do these things to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. Right now my comfort zone is under some stress. 

I have ten days to submit my first draft. I plan to send the final right before the election. Let's get after it, okay?