Eight Different Ways We Could Be Angry

Did you know that there are eight different types of anger that the psychology community has a consensus agreement on? 


Eight distinct modes of anger that describe motivations, actions and outcomes. They then could all intertwine, because anger is sneaky like that. Can you imagine what types of anger usually happens to you? I imagine it takes a great deal of self awareness. 

Take a moment to think about your day. You get up, maybe walk your dog, make some coffee, get ready to drive into work. You then spend the day navigating the tasks and producing outcomes and probably resolve some issues and challenges. Then perhaps you go to your kid's soccer match before hitting the drive through at Chick-Fil-A before heading home to finish up any evening work or activities you have planned.

That's quite a day, right? Pretty typical. You go to bed and get ready to do it tomorrow. 

Ask yourself this question...how often do I get angry at any given time during the day? 

Maybe when you get up to walk your dog, and Apollo refuses to do his business in a timely manner and you're running behind a bit. You go inside and there's no more coffee because your husband forgot to buy some at the store, after he didn't swing by the dry cleaners to pick up your clothes that you need for work. It's already 8:30, you are wearing clothes that don't fit too well, you lack caffeine and holy cow we haven't even mentioned the kids. 

You've probably spent 45 minutes of the first two hours of the day angry. Maybe not level 10 angry, but maybe overwhelmed angry. 

You drive and traffic stinks and you get cut off, then at work your annoying boss/colleague/volunteer/vendor has decided that today is the day he or she will be driving you nuts. All Day. And because you have more than one of each, this just compounds on itself. 

By the time you made it to the end of the work day you could be really angry and now the ref at the kids soccer game has decided that he's simply going to miss every call. Finally you just pile the kids into the car and now they don't even want to go to Chick-Fil-A because they don't like the nuggets there. 

I'm just exhausted thinking about that day and you probably live it from Monday to Friday. 

If we take a moment to look at our day there are probably many occasions where we get angry. 

Waiting for something might cause anger. Getting something too soon may cause you to get a little angry. 

There are eight of these suckers. Remember these are the examples that experts agree upon!  There could be more!

How much of this passed on? No idea. Two weeks ago I spoke to my brother who told me his son is having anger issues at school. You know my relationship.  

Eight. That's a lot. I hope you can review this list and maybe see how anger can intrude on your day. Then we research some way on what can we do to stop it.