What I Have Learned About Hospitality, Butter and My Job

As I mentioned the other day, this is my final week in Raleigh. It's just been a great experience, one that obviously I like to share whenever, wherever possible. Last Friday was one opportune time, as our consultant team had our monthly team call. It's a meeting where we share with other directors some new insight we learned in the past month while working with our client. 

I took the opportunity to share my thoughts on my first project at CCS and my first extended visit to North Carolina. 

The first thing I learned was that Southern hospitality and CCS hospitality are one in the same. The folks here in Raleigh have been generous with their time, kind with their words and helpful in too numerous ways to count. My fellow consultants have been just as helpful with advice, perspective, and resources to assist me do my job efficiently and effectively. 

One thing I learned during my time here is; butter is it's own important, healthy food group. I eat butter constantly during the day. I put it on everything and everything tastes better with butter. I'm confident that eating all of this butter will not kill me since I have taken up CrossFit, but only time will tell. I trust that eating more butter has added value to my life. 

Finally the biggest thing I take away is that the work we we do as service providers does in fact deliver what we promise. The steps we take, the focus we bring, the activity we help drive; it all produces success for our client; it certainly has here at the Food Bank. This has been a great relationship for both organizations. 

As I leave, I take with me a positive impression of how others in the nonprofit community work their tails off for the missions they undertake. Let me explain a little...

Living in Washington, DC for over 15 years, sometimes you get so stuck in this bubble about what it is you do for the nonprofit cause, that you forget there are more people OUTSIDE the beltway doing just as, or even more important work. It's a needed reminder that you are one piece of many, and when those pieces come together to do something impactful, it's a great experience that one will never forget.

When I hit the road tomorrow, I will be motivated by being more hospitable to others, eager to help more causes and learn what else I can soak in butter