Pray for Those Who Trespass Against Us

As we learn more about the tragic shooting in Orlando this afternoon, social media is abuzz with thoughts and prayers for the victims of this senseless crime. 

We should take a moment to pray for the perpetrator as well. 


Because if we claim to be people of faith; forgiveness and prayer for those "who trespass against us" is the fundamental tenet of the prayer our Lord taught us to pray. 

Today's gospel (Luke 7:36-8:3) speaks of that forgiveness. Our debt is so great, that only the Father can erase it and make us whole with Him. We need to take a moment and extend that forgiveness to each other, even when we are harmed in the most violent way. 

So I ask that you please take a moment to pray for Omar Mateen, whose heart was filled with so much hate that he chose to strike down many of our gay brothers and sisters, as they enjoyed an evening out. We may never know the reason why, but we can control how we react. 

We pray the words from Luke 6:28:

Lord we pray for those who lost their lives this morning. Be with their families in their time of mourning. We also pray for the soul of Omar Mateen, Lord. We pray that our hearts will forgive as well as heal. Finally Lord we ask for your help in ending our violent ways. May we seek peace and love everyone you have created. Amen.