Transitions and Where Are My Socks?

I took the bus today to get to work. At the last minute my roommate wasn't able to drive me, so I opted for the #10 that operates right on her street. I waited 15 minutes, got on board and went about 6 blocks before the bus turned right, which is fine, except I needed it to go straight.

Looking at my watch I noticed time was short. Coupled with the fact that I had no idea where this bus would be headed, I needed to make a quick decision; stay on or get off?  I opted to get off and walked right into a neighborhood that I probably would avoid walking into about 15 hours later. By the time I got to the office I had a nice sweat going. What a way to begin the day! 

It got me thinking about transitions though. I'm a few days in with living in a new city, trying to figure out new routines, navigate where things are, while I wait for my next assignment to begin. There hasn't been any down time really, which is fine to me, and I have had the chance to catch up on a few projects. So I've been busy and the week has flown by. 

I do have to remind myself during this time period to be patient, remain focused, and have fun

My patience will be tried. I'm not sure when I will begin at the client site, but that's out of my hand and goes with the territory. A few things will fall into place when I have this accomplished; like which gym should I join.  It's been a week since I lifted actual weights and not boxes and I can feel a little anxiety creeping in. 

I can't get too distracted by all the things I hope to do while I'm here in Baltimore. Right now I haven't done much, but the more I can get done for the client before I arrive the better. I also can't forget to figure out where I put my socks. I have a bag full of socks somewhere between Baltimore and DC and I can't find them. Distraction in getting my room and stuff in order could make this transition bumpy. 

Finally, let's make sure we have some fun! There are outdoor concerts to see, new places to explore, and baseball games to attend. I haven't lived in Baltimore in over 12 years, and a lot of development has taken place since then. I've already set up some network opportunities, and potential business for the firm. Maybe I'll get to play some softball as well. This weekend, I'll explore some parks to run in. By the end of the summer my plan is to run the half here. Like I said I need to find my socks. 

Overall we are also transitioning into summer. Are you ready? Do you feel your patience being stretched? Are you balancing being focused while having fun?