Who's Ready to Run?

I bought a new pair of running shoes the other day on my lunch break. Here they are:

They are red and black, and as I mentioned in the above Instagram post: very Maryland appropriate. I ran in them for the first time this morning, through the thick humidity of a muggy Baltimore morning. They felt great. My feet were very appreciative. Even my roommate was clearly impressed as we ran and I took some moments to skip down the street (I'm not afraid to mention this). 

I love a new pair of running shoes, don't you? First and foremost I'm grateful I can spend the type of money to buy these things, because these suckers aren't cheap. It's also a reminder that my health and my work are intertwined. I need to run so I can be effective at work, and I need to work so I can purchase running shoes to help me stay healthy. To me this isn't a vanity purchase. This is a grownup purchase; one of the few I make during the year (minus of course groceries and laundry detergent). 

My old pair will get donated soon. I'm not sure what happens to them exactly, but my hope is that someone will find them useful. I used to hang on to shoes that I no longer run in. Why? I have no idea; maybe to have them for work related projects. It must be a feeling from my youth, since I really don't do a lot of work related projects as an adult. Needless to say I stopped that foolishness awhile back (keeping the shoes, not work projects). 

The Baltimore Half Marathon is a few months away and I think that will be my next race. I've paired down my races to just two a year. Training takes a long time and frankly I have other projects that I would like to spend time on. When I get back from the beach in the first week of August, I will begin my training in earnest. 

So I have new shoes and no excuses not to train. Does anyone have a race coming up? Any suggested training schedules that they like? When it comes to shoes you can see that I'm a Brooks fan, what about you?