I Owned Beach Week

I got back from the beach yesterday after spending the past week enjoying this view:

If you read anything I have written (thanks by the way!) you know I wasn't able to go last year. Last Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of my Dad passing, and today marks the one-year anniversary of his funeral. 

So I'd rather talk about the ocean and what it means to me. 

I'm not sure when I began making regular trips to the beach with my DC Family. It has to be well over ten years ago, with four years missing due to my job at SHARE, (where I took zero vacations) and the summer of my first work sabbatical when I skipped the trip ( I did go for sabbaticals two and three). Last year was Funeral week, so this marks the first time in a few years where I had a job and went to the beach strictly to relax. 

Let's just say I owned beach week. 

Sunday I went to Mass with Aunt Joan and destroyed the Knights of Columbus breakfast immediately after. If you tell me I can make as many trips as I want, I'm piling on the calories. 

Monday was a Dance Party; Tuesday was my 4 year-old niece's birthday, but not a birthday party, because she's 4 and if she doesn't want to have a birthday, then by golly, she's not having a birthday party. But we did have cake.

Wednesday was my day to cook. Boom:

Thursday was all day at the beach and Surfs Up Cheesesteak. Night time featured a return to Seacrets with some cousins. There may have been a late run to McDonald's afterwards. 

Friday I recovered from all of this in time to go go-carting with the kids and get ice cream after. 

Beach Week always seems to go by too quickly. But I'm thankful to spend it with friends and family and head back to work tomorrow refreshed. Lord knows I'll need it with the schedule I have coming up. 

I hope your summer is going well.