Launch of Project 40

When I started this site, the idea was to write about topics concerning leadership, issues that confront the nonprofit world, and maybe a dash of my personal life. The good news is, so far I have stuck to that idea (although there is certainly room for growth in this space). 

But I have been thinking for a few weeks now with 40 approaching, what is it that I want to do after I reach this age? I'd love to track it in a way that would be easy to chronicle. My journal is a mix of lots of different things, and I would feel like I was writing a book. Could I simply add it to this site? How can I do that and remain true to the mission and the theme I want to build here? Then it came to me:

Create another blog on Tumblr! And so I did. 

Look, these two corners of the internet are nothing more than me exercising some fun hobbies. It's about me actually holding myself accountable in order to actually call them habits. Blogging is just a simple way of doing that. 

So here's the launch post of what I am calling Project 40.

I hope you enjoy it.