I need to write!

It's been over a month since I last blogged. No doubt all of my many readers have been wondering what's been going on with me! 

Well here is the update. Over the past four weeks I have:

  1. Moved out of my apartment in Washington, DC and have taken permanent residence in Baltimore where my current job assignment is. 
  2. I pulled my right hamstring very badly while running sprints during a class at my gym. 
  3. While being away from the gym, I ate and drank garbage and probably gained about 8-10 lbs. 
  4. I traveled to Ohio over Labor Day weekend to celebrate a college buddy's 40th birthday. 

Transitions just by themselves can be hard. Doing them while injured and driving up and down I95 is literally a pain in the ass. Put a trip where late nights and eating poorly on top it and it got bad. My energy level has sank. My clothes have gotten tighter. I feel like garbage, because that's what I have been fueling myself with. 

Now that I have moved out, and have everything set up here in Baltimore, and the hamstring is as about 95% healed,  it's time to get back to working out, writing and generally becoming healthier. 

In my younger days, these down moments of excess food and drink consumption and not enough focus on exercise used to last many months. I can't count the times I have lost simply by eating terribly, or drinking regularly or simply not making exercise a priority. There is no room for anything during this time period. No hobbies, no meaningful relationships; only lots of anxiety, depression and repeats of cycles. 

So today I needed to write. Something. Anything. I've been back to the gym for a week now. My hamstring feels better. I've signed up for a half marathon. I'm going to focus on my research paper. Oh and I'm doing a CrossFit challenge for the next seven weeks.

Maybe I'm coming off this down period a little too hard in the other direction, but I think of it this way... 

The healthier habits I have created over the years are built inside me. I should be able to fall forward into them when I need to. The down times are shorter because the healthier times are longer and more focused. I've forced myself to not tolerate long periods of time because it's not the best version of myself. A stronger and more focused faith has helped me with that.

So goodbye Washington, bad hammy and larger gut. Hello to focus, goals to meet and weight to drop. 

It feels good to share this. There is no doubt that I needed to write this!