In the Age of Kardashian, We Deserve Donald Trump

Well last night this happened

It's actually real now. I mean that in the sense a national political party has nominated a television reality star. On the surface that statement doesn't seem far fetched since the idol of the GOP is a former movie star




But Reagan had at least entered politics at a lower level, having actually governed a state. He also gave a speech at a convention and eventually ran for president before ultimately winning the White House. He did this over a 20 year period. Say what you will about the man, but Reagan worked for what he achieved. 

The Donald, like most of his life, is taking a shortcut. It's the only way an aristocrat narcissist who was born on third and believes he hit a triple, could accomplish something like this. Trump skips the stops in the minor leagues and heads straight for the majors. Which when you think of it are funny metaphors when you remember this and this

So this is where we are. Next week the Democrats will formally nominate a former First Lady, who then became the junior Senator of New York, and then turned a failed presidential run into becoming the second woman to head the State Department. 

Here again, on paper it looks like a solid choice. But without looking it up, can you name one major initiative or program that Hillary Clinton has achieved or pushed through? It's difficult right? Much more is about real or perceived scandals; Benghazi and her email use at State being the most recent.  In the face of Trump, the opposition headliner is about as appealing as a root canal. 

When it comes down to it, we as American citizens did this to ourselves. We embrace backlash on perceived favoritism and reserve racism (Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter) and we allow the vitriol to grow from straw-men arguments of political correctness and activist decisions. On the other hand, we have a coronation, rather than have a contested primary, and we believe only people of faith can be hypocrites.  We demand our local leaders be beholden to the views that we formulate through television, radio, social media and even our churches, and then turn around can claim other leaders elected elsewhere are the real problem. It's literally Matthew 7. 

In the Age of Kardashian, we get Donald Trump as a viable presidential candidate. 

This is what we deserve. I can only imagine how we as a country will look back on the election of 2016. My hope is we recognize this as a simple blimp, a faze like dying your hair in college; but much like the speech last night, I don't feel so hopeful.