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Hello! I'm Christopher Dake, a consultant in the social impact sector.

After working in the social impact sector world for over 17 years, I transitioned into being a full-time consultant in 2015; focused in the areas of fundraising and leadership coaching. 

My background in identifying targeted leads for raising funds and my skills in closing solicitations for mission-driven organizations has allowed me to work with a variety of effective groups. I have been fortunate to have worked with many awesome colleagues on some very exciting and meaningful projects. If you like to learn more check out my resume. 

I'm originally from the Great State of Ohio, hopeful that 2018 will be a championship year for all teams from Cleveland. I currently live in Washington, DC and have since graduating from Xavier University. I enjoy half marathons, CrossFit, soccer matches, baseball games, biscuits, and photography. Also, I have also never lost an election in which I was a candidate.

My blog not only touches on the social impact sector and leadership topics, but also faith and a grab bag of other subjects. 

I'm always looking to meet new people, learn new things and keep pushing myself to get better. Please feel free to reach out to me at   

Thanks so much for stopping by!